EDU TOYS INDIA Fancy Zoo 4D Augmented Reality Animal Flash Cards (Set of 68 Cards)


Edu Toys India

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  • Contains 68 High Quality Cards. 12 x Marine Animals. 24 x Land Animals. 9 x Insects. 13 x Flying Animals. 10 x Dinosaurs
  • High Quality Augmented Reality Graphics. Can also be used with VR devices.
  • Big Cards = 7 cm x 7 cm each. This is a living Encyclopedia. Can be used in English, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, French, Japanese, Russian, German, Korean and Spanish.
  • Kids can start learning about all animals at an early age. Suitable for Ages 3+
  • Mobile app is free to download and use for iOS and Android. Can be used with 5 devices !! (App activation is needed for all 5 devices)
  • App can Work offline too (without internet) once installed.