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  • Wood kitchen set features contemporary design
  • Includes clicking knobs, chalkboard, sink, oven, and more
  • Educational and encourages imaginative role-play
  • Quality wood craftsmanship from sustainable sourced forests
  • Non-toxic finishes and child safe materials
  • Blackboard features allows customization of play space
  • Convenient hooks and shelves for storage and enhanced play
  • Clicking knobs that turn and pro-motive realistic imitation

Cooking up memories!

Hape Cook n' Serve Kitchen

With the Cook n' Serve Kitchen from Hape Toys, prepare for your child to take on a whole new love of cooking! Designed with kids in mind, this kitchen is set at the perfect height to accommodate little ones, with tons of features that kids and parents alike will love. Features hooks for convenient storage, a side shelf that comes out for additional counter space and storage, and even a black board to announce the name of your restaurant and the specials of the day. Sweet memories are sure to come with family and friends alike!