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One of the perfect gift to your toddler girl. These soft toy into their bedroom will give them endless hours of fun filled playtime. Best return gift to your girl birthday. Crafted with perfection using the finest materials, this stunning soft toy has striking features.  Made of high quality fabric that is safe for kids. Improves tactile stimulation in kids, gives a feeling of warmth and security to kids. It will become your baby's favourite in no time. Soft toys encourage the child to understand shape, colour, size, etc. Easy to teach your kid the doll body organs like eyes, ears nose, hair, and the colour of the dress. These toys develop emotional bonding in girls and provide them comfort and sense of security. Its make a huggable companions for everyone at all times. Children can hold the plush toys close and cuddle them. Soft toys become everybody's close friends, providing love and cheerfulness. Size : 50cm.