HABA Smart Builder HABA Tube Locks Building Blocks Games Construction Set 45 Piece Tubular Construction Pipes Set | Building Activities



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  • The connector system is as simple as it is ingenious: The bars are interconnected via the balls. The various plug-in variants open up numerous opportunities for small young architects to create buildings. Due to the appealing colors, light green and purple, all buildings become great eye-catchers in the room. Ceilings or cloths can even be used to build caves where children can relax and unwind.
  • Contents: 72 pieces | Set includes 45 tubes and 27 balls | Material: Plastic | Dimensions: 38 cm (length of one tube)
  • Encourages: Creativity | 3D imagination | Fine Motor Skills
  • Not suitable for children under 4 years | Game for 4 Player
  • Children are interested in different materials depending on their age and developmental stage. Children in daycare, for example, build towers out of blocks and watch them fall down, while older children prefer specific structures such as houses, castles, or cars. Using a wide range of materials that encourage children to build and experiment in different ways helps them to progress well and develop. They can fulfil their urge to explore and create their own new, significant experiences.