HAPE Lacing Peacock



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  • Age: 3+ Years
  • Lace up Mr. Peacock with brilliant laces, smooth shining beads, and soft felt feathers.

    Using the strong lacing strings, children weave the laces into, around and through Mr. Peacock. Then with beads and soft felt, they create and decorate his broad tail feathers. How proud are little kids about their efforts? They're strutting their stuff and celebrating their achievement every time.

    Concentration, color recognition, counting and fine motor fun... young children are happily engaged. (Thirty-four pieces in all keep kids roosting in one spot for a while too!)

    The whole peacock weaving experience is a shoo in for good times for kids.

    Lacing Peacock (Please, he hates to be called a turkey.)
  • A lacing toy for young children
  • Encourages concentration, fine motor skills, color recognition, counting
  • Generous size of components are fun for children to handle
  • Simply remove the lacing strings to play again & again!
  • Completed height of peacock is approximately 7 inches
  • Colorful Wooden Peacock
  • Vibrant, strong laces
  • Large, vibrant lacing beads
  • Soft felt feathers
  • 34 Pieces