MIDEER Magnetic Responsibility Chart



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  • USING YOUR RESPONSIBILITY CHART: Helps building self-esteem while teaching organizational skills, independence, and positive behavior.
  • Can be used for TWO CHILDREN at the same time, mutual supervision and promotion of learning.
  • Four record zones: weather, season, date, note. Chart has spaces for each day of the week.
  • includes: Recognition of the stars x 70, Daily Behavior x 20, Writing Marker x 1, Wooden Chart Board x 1
  • Product Dimensions: 36 x 53 cm

Discuss with the child what responsibility means and why it is important. Share what some of your responsibilities are, then talk about what kinds of behaviors are expected of the child. Use the magnets provided to talk about specific tasks and behaviors. Personalize the top board by writing the child's name in the space provided. Help the child decide on goals for the coming week and place the appropriate magnets under the responsibility / Goals headings. Tailor the chart to the child's individual needs. As goals are reached allow the child to choose a reward and place it under the day the goal was completed. Talk about how the accomplishments make the child feel. Encourage independence by asking the child to check the chart regularly. Reward and reinforce positive behavior by establishing a special treat when specified goals are accomplished in a given week