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Inspire a smile with beautiful tones and classic fun!

Before all the concerts, the pages and pages of complex music, and the hours upon hours of practicing - A lifetime of musical enjoyment first starts with play.

And what better way to find that first taste of fun than with this beautifully designed xylophone?

The five brightly colored wooden keys sit atop a track of strings, suspended by a lovely wooden oval frame.

Pick up the mallet and strike one of the notes - Little ones suddenly light up bright with musical delight!

And the best part - There's no wrong way to play.

Play low then high, high then low, or even drum up your very own unique melody.

First time musicians will love playing and exploring for hours on end!

Oh - And did we mention it's a delight for the planet, too? - All the materials are sustainably harvested and built with sustainable manufacturing!

Experience a first-time musical adventure that's just as soothing for the soul as it is fun for curious minds with the brilliant Oval Xylophone.

Oval Xylophone
  • Wooden xylophone with 5 notes suspended on an oval wooden frame
  • Encourages fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, muscle control, musical aptitude
  • Simplicity and beauty sparks endless musical enjoyment
  • Striking wooden notes creates delightful tones enjoyed by all
  • Includes xylophone, wooden mallet
  • Made of recycled wood, soy based dyes with care to protect the environment
  • Plan Toys have all natural finishes with soy and water based inks and dyes
  • High quality heirloom construction
  • Designed for fun - Notes may not be musically accurate

    Green through and through:
    Plan Toys assists people affected by natural disasters with donations and financial support. Plan Toys are made from non-chemically treated rubber trees that no longer produce latex. The company also participates in an ongoing reforestation program.