HAPE Quattro Bamboo Toys



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How will the bamboo forest grow? Hopefully -sporting four of your color in a row!

- Quattro takes simple strategy and makes it towering fun!- Watching cylindrical Quattro pieces slide down columns makes you feel like you're accomplishing something significant- Hearing the pleasant tlink, tlink, tlink, makes you smile

- But seeing the bamboo shoots rise up in your favor - now your eyes light up!

- Quattro always stirs up excitement!- Make four cylindrical Quattro rings align

- vertically, horizontally or diagonally before your opponent beats you to it

- Both the forest and your love of logic will be growing!

- A forest building game of strategy

- Drop cylindrical Quattro rings to align four of your color in a row!

- Grows abilities in concentration, logic and reasoning- Made of highly renewable natural bamboo, vibrant water-based color

- Natural bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world

- Pieces: 43

- Players: 2

- Fun for a wide range of ages- Age: 3 years