HAPE Storage-Easel



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The Hape Storage Easel features two sides, a black board to draw and a whiteboard for creativity or display. Use chalk on the blackboard, and dry erase markers for the whiteboard. Additionally, the whiteboard is made of iron so that magnets can display artwork. This easel features a roll of paper at the top for easy pull down and tearing off to allow creativity to flow non-stop. Beautifully designed storage space underneath is perfect for keeping creative supplies close at hand, and convenient storage of boards when not in use.


  • Features a standing easel with both blackboard and whiteboard functions
  • Compact wood design is sturdy, and features a two-wheeled base for easy movement and child safety
  • Convenient storage underneath offers practical help for little artists
  • Removable red cloth is convenient for easy clearing and access
  • Inspires creativity and artistic development in little ones

Ages 3 years and up.