MIDEER Yogi Card Baby Fitness Game



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  • YOGI is a yoga-inspired cards deck for kids (and grown-ups) with countless ways to play.
  • Contains 40 Cards + 2 dice + 1 instruction manual
  • 3 variations to play this game
  • Parent can help child select the best possible Yoga methods

YOGI is a yoga-inspired kit through which children, along with their parents and friends, can participate in a variety of fun activities and games. YOGI contains 40 cards that can be used for countless activities! 20 cards have lovely illustrations of various yoga poses and the other 20 accurately describe the poses in simple, fun rhyme. The YOGI kit also includes a colorful leaflet with ideas for four different games and a special birthday activity. In addition, you'll find two DIY dice featuring images of the yoga poses that kids absolutely adore! YOGI is a great tool for developing mental and physical health, so don't hesitate to reduce your kids screen time and grab it for some indoor or outdoor quality time with friends and family!