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  • IMAGINATION & CREATIVITY: Spur your child's imagination with the set of scratch pads. Perfect for long road trips and family gatherings. Keep the kids creative and away from iPads and smartphones. Children can also develop fine motor skills by drawing as it offers the chance to learn different ways to hold art tools and experiment with various techniques.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Suitable for kids’ art tables, classroom shelves, office cubicles and kitchen tables. The doodle pad helps teachers to calm kids down and focus back on finishing school activities; brightens someone’s day in the office with cool colorful notes; get kids busy drawing artworks on the kitchen table while you prepare food for the family; or send heartfelt notes in the kids lunch box and backpack.
  • GET TIME BUSY & QUIET: Most kids have moments when they have excess energy that no matter what you say they just will not slow down. The scratch pad will give you a timely solution now! Channel your child’s high energy by keeping them busy and quiet doodling on our non-messy rainbow scratch art note while waiting at the restaurant, on long plane rides, family trips, or at the doctor’s office which you later can display on the fridge!
  • NON-TOXIC & ODORLESS: The scratch paper art is based on a new formulation with non-toxic and no odd flavor, water-based ink printed on super thick and high-quality card stock for odorless etching. This set is a package of 2 spiral-bound sketchbooks in assorted colors, each book is 11" x 8" and 10 Sheets in each book. Each book includes a 5.5" (14 cm) wooden stylus.