Crusader - The Board Game


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  • Exclusive Game with a brand new concept
  • 2-8 Players
  • Develops Logical and Critical Thinking
  • Develops Social Skills
  • CONTENTS 1 game board 35 path tiles 8 crusader stones 1 Crusader tile This Game develops Logical and Critical Thinking along with Strategy Planning.
  • Minimum Players : 2. Maximum Players : 8.
  • Ages : 6+
  • RULES: The object of the game is to keep your path from connecting to an edge of the game board. Defeat all opponents and emerge victorious. PLAYING THE GAME: The oldest player takes the first turn. The first player places his or her stone on any of the start marks (short brown marks) on the outside edge of the game board. Continue clockwise around the board until each player has chosen a start mark and placed his or her stone. Placing stones happens before any tiles are played. Each turn has three parts:


  • 1. Play a path tile.
  • 2. Move the stones.
  • 3. Draw tiles.
  • The active player chooses one of the path tiles from his or her hand and places it on the open square next to his or her stone. The tile may be placed in any direction. A player may not willingly connect his or her own path to the edge of the board (thereby forcing himself or herself out of the game) unless no other move is possible. Near the end of the game, it is possible to eliminate yourself in this manner. 2. MOVE THE STONES The active player moves his stone to the open end of the path. Then all other stones adjacent to the new tile are moved to the ends of their paths. Path tiles from eliminated players' hands are shuffled into the draw pile. 3. DRAW TILES: For the first few turns of the game (or throughout a two-player game), only the active player draws a path tile from the draw pile, replacing the one he or she played that turn. WINNING THE GAME: When only one stone remains on the board, that player wins the game.