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Develop Your Child's Creative Skills

Helping your child develop creative skills can encourage him to identify his interests. The ToyKraft Magnetic Tangram is one such fun-filled creative affair. This 7 piece Magnetic Tangram contains a 64-page book with over 500 puzzles and their solutions. Your child will need to arrange the 7 geometric pieces derived from a square into various images. There are images of Indian motifs like lantern, lamps and men wearing lungi etc. This can be played alone or in a group of two and is recommended for kids 7 and up.

Lightweight and Durable

The Magnetic Tangram puzzle weighs only 558g, making it extremely lightweight. It is convenient to carry this puzzle to picnics or to a friend's place. This multi-coloured board game does not require batteries and is made of paper and board, which makes it durable in nature. This durable and portable puzzle for kids will get your child to spend some quality time at home. Plus, with 7 pieces offering numerous combinations and one magnetic board, this Tangram promotes creativity, hand-eye coordination, spatial skills and other developmental skill set.

  • Brand: ToyKraft
  • Type: Puzzle
  • Material: Paper and board
  • Colour: Multi coloured
  • Ideal for: Boys and girls
  • Lightweight
  • Engaging
  • Recommended Age: 7 years and up
  • Includes: 64 page book with over 500 puzzles and their solutions

Contents : 

  • Set of tangram-7 plastic pieces
  • Tangram book-64 page book containing more than 500 puzzles with solutions
  • Suitable for children 7 years and above
  • This includes Indian motifs like lantern, lamps and men wearing lungi
  • Improves creativity and teach patients