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  • About this kit - The Toykraft art and craft kit provide hours of relaxation and fun. This art and craft activity provides a positive outlet for children to express themselves with not just airy-fairy feel-good things, They help the child develop intellectually, physically, and socially. All children love being creative if they are given the chance the act of being creative brings with it so many benefits. This Toykraft offering channelizes energy levels, especially for hyperactive children.
  • What do we make? - Children can make 3 sand pictures of aircraft using coloured sand on the pre-gummed templates provided in this Toykraft art and craft kit. They can match the colours of the sand on the design provided to complete the pictures. Children can take pride in displaying their craftwork for family and friends to admire.
  • What’s in this kit? - Three pre-gummed templates depicting 3 different aircraft - airplane, helicopter, hot-air balloon and finely mesh sand in 7 colours. A spatula is also included for firmer fixation of sand on the gummed areas.
  • What do we learn? - This simple Sand art craft activity is great in developing the child’s concentration and patience. While pursuing this creative activity, the child of this young age develops fine motor skills. as well as their hand-eye coordination. It leaves out all the ‘messy’ activities for the child of this early age group to do thereby developing a love of the creative process involved in making the wonderful pictures come alive.
  • Ideal present - The sparkling pictures look so terrific that they can be framed and displayed as well. This will also ensure that the sand stay put. The kit can also be presented to others.