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Instill creativity in your childif you want to motivate your child for do-it-yourself activities and instill creativity in him or her from a young age, then the toykraft sand art festive rangoli kit is ideal for you. Suitable for kids aged five years and above, it includes eight coloured sand sachets, three cards with pre-designed templates, a paint brush and an adhesive bottle. The patterns on the cards depict traditional forms that can easily be drawn by children as well. With the eight bright colours, this toykraft coloured sand rangoli kit also helps your child to develop a sense of contrast. Easy-to-make rangoli patterns rangoli, a sanskrit word, is a creative expression of art. This indian art form has various traditional beliefs attached to it. A rangoli is drawn with freehand on the entrance of most indian houses. With the toykraft festive rangoli kit, your kid not only learns a new art form but also gets an understanding of old traditional beliefs. You can help your young one pour his creativity on the card paper that measures 10 x 10 inches and preserve, display or gift his or her creation. The adhesive provided with this sand art festive rangoli kit can be used to stick the sand on the picture. Brand: toykraft type: activity kit (diy)recommended age: 5 years and up ideal for: boys and girls includes: three templates, eight coloured sand sachets, white adhesive and paint brush.

  • 3 preprinted design templates
  • 8 different coloured sand in sachets
  • 1 jar of white adhesive
  • 1 paint brush
  • Instruction manual; rangoli is a hindu folk art, generally created on a floor on special festive ocassions; the pictures depict traditional forms, designs and simple objects meant for all ages; specially designed for kids easy to do kits