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MADY 400F70 Telescope made of highest quality materials and offers clear view of objects. It is highly durable and trustworthy. The telescope can be used for planetary observations and also for viewing terrestrial objects. This great way of parents to give their kids their first glimpse of lunar craters, the moons of Jupiter and star clusters. The telescope is perfect for scenic overland viewing.

Optical Design: Refractor

Type : Galilean

Aperture: 70 mm (2.8 inch)

Focal length: 400mm (16 inch)

Resolution: 1.657 arc sec

Highest Magnification: 200X

Eyepieces: 1.25" H6 mm, H20mm

Finder Scope: 5x24

Accessories: 3X Barlow Lens 1.5X Erecting eyepiece Directional Mirror

Tripod: Table Top

Color: Black

Age - Above  8 years