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MADY 400F40 telescope is designed for the children to grow interest on astronomy. The erect image optics is ideal for astronomical and land observing. It helps you to reveal the wonders of nature. Quick and easy no tool set up makes it perfect for beginners. The telescope is perfect for scenic overland viewing.

Optical Design: Refractor

Type : Galilean

Aperture: 40mm (1.6inch)

Focal length: 400mm (16inch)

Resolution: 2.9 sec

Highest Magnification: 96X

Eyepieces: 0.965" H12.5mm, H20mm

Finder Scope: 5x18

Accessories: Diagonal mirror 3X Barlow Lens 1.5X Erecting eyepiece Directional Compass

Tripod: Table Top

Color: Black

Age - 8+