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Chemical world contains few chemistry kits which introduce children to the measuring and colourful world of chemistry. Grow your interest on chemistry by 17 interesting experiment . They can learn some of the fundamental concepts that extend throughout chemistry.

Components : Baking soda, salt, Ferrous sulphate, Lead nitrate, cobalt choride, Copper sulphate, Dry yeast, Corn starch, Borax, Food colour 1, food colour 2, Sodium silicate, Mentos, Stick of glue, Plastic tray, Spoon, Straw, Vinegar, Liquid soap, vegetable oil, Hydrogen Peroxide, Steel wool, Gloves, Musk, Goggles, Cotton, Giltter, Balloon, Disprin, Empty container, Wash bottle, Plastic beaker, Dropper, Test tube with cap, test tube holder, Wooden stick.