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This intellectual kit encourages children to grow passion towards astronomy. The design is based on the laws of refraction using doublet lenses. This kit includes 15 part to assemble and explore the space. The kit contains doublet lens which refracts and forms images. A doublet lens is a type of lens made up of two simple lenses paired together. The larger the objective, the more light the telescope collects and the finer detail it resolves.

Features of Telescope Making Kit

  • A DIY scientific kit. Easy to assemble and learn
  • To Learn about how does the Telescope works? and construction of a Telescope
  • Good quality, multiple lens and 25X magnification with adjustable focus
  • Good Scientific kit for for fun
  • Color MADYPEDIA on Telescope- Learn everything on Telescope, A pictorial and detailed colourful instruction manual

Technical Details

  • Educational Objective(s) - Numeracy & Literacy
  • Color -  Blue and Yellow
  • Product Dimensions -  30.5 x 23 x 6.4 cm
  • Age -  Above 8 Years
  • Item Weight -  370 grams