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This 6 in 1 solar powered kit is designed to teach how solar power is used to drive the motor. This kit includes 21 pieces which are to assemble for creating 6 different models such as Robotic Dog, Moving Plane, Windmill and many more. Children learn the benefits of solar power instead of battery it uses a solar panel which converts solar energy to electrical energy.

Solar Energy Is Considered As The Energy Source For The Modern World.

Teach Your Child About This Important Energy Source With This 6-In-1 Solar Kit Toy From ecomm. They Can Assemble The Parts And Make Models That Are Powered By Solar Energy. This Do It Yourself Kit Is Ideal For School Children Science Projects/ Science Fairs. Product Explain Children The Importance Of Solar Energy And Gives Them Opportunity To Understand How It Converts Solar To Electrical/Mechanical/Wind Energy. This Deeper Understanding Is Essential As We Are Facing Energy Crisis In Today'S World And Surely We Slowly Need To Move To Renewable Sources Of Energy.
Challenge your child's imagination with the Emob Table Top Robot. Perfect for any young scientist, this fun kit teaches kids the basics of robotics by constructing a working robot crab.Fostering creativity and mechanical skill, this kit also provides an excellent opportunity to show kids how toys are assembled and function.
This set includes necessary components, accessories, and easy-to-follow instructions. Recommended for ages above 8 years

Objective : To makes kids involve in the future solar technology by assembling the parts togethere and makes 6 different types of projects: 

  • 2 types of planes
  • Airboat
  • Car
  • Solar windmill
  • Puppy

Knowledge : 

  • Benefits of solar energy
  • How to use solar energy as the driving energy
  • How a motor and gear  assembly works
  • Learn application of solar energy