Luma World Educational Flash Cards for Ages 8 and Up: Officer Teddy | Game-based Maths Flash Cards with Magic Glass to view Hidden Answers | Learn Grade 3 Geometry & Patterns (Set of 50 Cards)


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"Can Maths be all about fun and games? Absolutely! Your child will love learning using these innovative, game-based flashcards. All of them have hidden answers that can only be revealed by the Magic Glass TM (included). You have to see it to believe it!


Officer Teddy Flashcards are aligned to the learning objectives of all educational boards and perfect for mastering concepts of Grade 3 Geometry and Patterns. They are numbered in increasing order of difficulty and hence easily customizable as per learning ability of each child. They are designed for multi-purpose use and help reinforce core academic concepts. Also included are application flashcards to take the learning to an advanced level, if desired.


Watch your kids race ahead by learning through play! That's the Luma World way!"


Package Contents :

General Flashcards : 40
Application Flashcards : 10
Magic Glass : 1