Luma World Strategy Card Game for Ages 10 and Up: Mystic Arts | Innovative Tabletop Game to Learn Measurements & Conversion of Units | Magical Ingredient Cards, Spell Cards and Potion Cards (82 Cards)


Luma World

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Discover the world of magic and become the master of spells. Use magical ingredients along with unique spells to cleverly outwit other wizards and witches. Your acumen and craft will help you gain victory in this fast-paced, dual-round tactical game. Leave everyone spellbound with your wizardry and rule the supernatural world!


Mystic Arts is an amazing game of strategy, decision making, and planning all woven together with exceptional twists. Players of all ages will relish this highly engaging and creative game. This is the perfect family entertainer which also helps acquire a plethora of essential life skills and moral values. Enjoy with your dear ones as they combine their math knowledge with exciting spells to conquer the wizarding world!


Contents :

48 Ingredient Cards
24 Spell Cards
10 Potion Cards
1 Player Token
1 Dice