Epically Money | A Fun Way to Teach Children Decision Making About Money | Ages 10 +


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  • * 😊👪Our children spend twenty plus years studying in school and college learning how to earn money. But what about learning how to spend money? Epically Money, The Great Indian Money Game A fun way to teach children Decision-Making About Money. Prepare them to live a happy and successful life no matter what the condition.
  • 🎴As kids play the game, they will understand how expenses come month after month, and you have to take care of them first. How saving money is important and not every problem can be solved by taking a loan?. How caring for parents, family, and friends is just as important? How investing money is a smart choice? How enjoying the money, having fun, buying things, making memories is what money should also be used for.
  • 👪 A game children can play together with friends or play as a family. A game where children make their own decision at every step. What do they really want to do with their money? Moments full of fun and laughter, interesting conversations around money.
  • 💰Epically Money. The Must-Play Game for Every Indian family. For Ages 10 to 99 Years. For 2 to 4 players. Playtime 20-40 minutes or more. It depends on the number of years you want to play at a time, more the number of years, more fun and learning guaranteed.
  • 💳 Epically Money. The only money game in the market designed to teach our children decision making about money based on Indian culture and values. A game developed in collaboration with many many successful entrepreneurs from different fields, child psychologists, trainers, experienced teachers and financial consultants.