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Dr. Mady's exprimental kit fun with physics. we all know that. Its now time to have some real fun with physics with this kit and get some hands-in-experience of the real physics world. With this kit, today's youth will feel the essence of physics and discover the fun in it along-side.

Activity : 25 activity based physics project has been provided with this kit. with the help of the detailed instruction manual, you can easily carry out all these  expriements using the product provided with the kit.

Knowledge : Know about

  • Essence of physics in our daily life
  • The real fun behind physics
  • Innovative scientific projects
  • Some unknown real facts
  • How physics is connected with other science
  • How to understand product lables

Contents :  Pencil, Ruler, Glass Slab, Compass, Colouring  pens, Cardboard, PVC Sheet, Rubber ball, Aluminium foil, Steel spoon, A thin metal cookie sheet, Food colouring, Corn starch, Eye dropper, Transprant plastic square, Cork, Drinking straw, Clay slab, Bar magnet, Iron filling, Cello tape, needle, Iron nails, Cardboard glue, Tracing paper sheet, Balloons, Woollen fabric, Candle, Paper tissuse, Metal Paper clip, Thread, Hrose-shoe magnet, Stick, Plastic funnel, Wires, Bars stiff wire, Led.