Luma World Crafty Puggles STEM Educational Board Game for Kids 8+ Years to Learn Fractions, Decision Making and Strategy, Tile Placement Game to Collect Hidden Treasure, 30 Minutes and 2 to 4 Players


Luma World

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The late Viscount Pennington of Meyersbury has hidden his invaluable treasure in the gardens of his sprawling mansion. Many treasure hunters have tried to find it and have failed. That doesn’t mean all is lost! You’re a trainer of some crafty puggles - cute, cuddly, treasure-sniffing critters with a nose for all things bling. Can you guide them to the hidden treasure?


Let’s dig to win BIG!


Crafty puggles is a tile placement and path building game that will transform your family game nights! Kids will learn and master basic fractions, pattern recognition, strategy, planning and creativity to guide their puggles to the ultimate treasure! It isn’t always a walk in the park because there are tons of twists and turns. It’s fun and different every time you play!


Enjoy with your friends and family as they apply their intellect and strategy to triumph in this innovative contest of wits!

Contents :

1 Treasure Game Board
90 Fraction Path Tiles
1 Action Dice
1 Fraction Dice
10 Power Cards
4 Puggle Den Mats
4 Puggle Pawns
1 Hound Token"