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  • AIM OF THE GAME - To mimic actions of the cavemen, while doing so, being alert to the changing rules for discarding all the Mambo cards
  • CONTENTS - 60 mambo cards, including:53 gesture cards, 7 hunts cards 5 mammoth plastic pieces 1 tribal leader figure 1 timeline with stone age counter
  • GAMEPLAY - 1) The mambo cards show cavemen performing seven different gestures that are combined with a particular call. Each gesture has two different backgrounds - day and night which dictates the direction of play. Some mambo cards have Mammoths on them instead of gestures. These are distributed equally among the players.
  • 2) Cards are discarded to a pile at the centre by players performing and saying the word turn by turn, clockwise or anticlockwise -as dictated by rules- correctly. In case of a mistake, the player has to collect all the cards from the centre and add to his/her pile.
  • 3) When the Mammoth card is revealed, players rush around the room to look for the Mammoth token and qualify to become the head of the tribe. 4) The player who discards all the Mambo cards is the winner