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  • The Art and Craft activity provided in this collection offers a unique platform for children to play, learn and express their creativity in the form of display art. The compilation provides a platform for puzzle solving, Mosaic pictures and finger painting
  • PUZZLE SOLVING - These are a set of six jigsaw puzzles in this Toykraft kit. The completed picture can then be inserted in one of the six inset frames which fit this picture. The six completed puzzles are then inserted into their respective matching frame cut-outs. The six pictures are then arranged correctly to make a panorama picture of the same theme. The final picture emerging from this set of 6 puzzles within their respective frames shows the big picture.
  • MOSAIC PICTURES - The 2 templates included are those which the child of the age is very familiar with. The child cannot see the pictures as they are just number coded. They fix sticky coloured mosaic pieces as per the colour code to get some amazing pictures. This simple craft activity is great in developing the child’s concentration and patience. This great do it yourself activity leaves out all the ‘messy’ creative activities for the child of this early age group to do.
  • FINGER PAINTING - Children of all ages love to paint. Finger painting allows even a 2 or 3-year-old to dabble in this art. Finger painting with children can also be a great way for them to experiment, learn cause and effect, and learn about colours and how they mix. Children will do best when a parent or adult works with them to discover what happens when the paint is applied.. Have an ongoing conversation with your child while painting heightens the excitement.
  • The animal pictures in this Art & Craft kit are specially selected for toddlers painting for the first time. Outline guides help early learners to paint within the boundaries. Children who have developed an artistic ability can dabble in the paint to reproduce this on the blank sheets provided. In this kit, five colours are provided – deep red, bright yellow, deep green, dark blue and white. One needs to mix these paints to get more.