A Day in The Jungle Picture Bingo- Social Emotional Skills


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A Day in the Jungle is a fun twist on Tambola. A great social emotional learning game. Teach your child the values of helping, caring, and sharing. Easy matching with an illustrated guide to help younger children. Great birthday gift to play with friends and family.
Easy to play-Roll the dice; "Monkey & helping". Spot a picture that matches the combination rolled on the dice and mark it with a chip.

Ages 5 to 8, 2 to 4 players

-Promotes language and communication
-Visual observation, thinking, and social skills.
-Play together to build empathy and friendship skills.
-Helps girls and boys learn and recognize values and then put them into action.

Contains: 4 Jungle boards, 100 Jungle Chips, Caller Sheet, 2 dice, Game guide