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  • Game Objective - Players need re-conquer Pari Lok by defeating Pari Bhayankar and reaching Rani Mahal. During this journey players earn points on reaching milestones and the players with maximum points wins.
  • Game Scenario Bhayankar Pari has escaped from prison and now seeks revenge! She, along with her minion Tauba Tauba, has wreaked havoc on Pari Lok by capturing Rani Pari and is on her way to attack Rani Mahal. The Rani Pari beckons players to rise as potential Baalveers to be and use the powers of the 7 Paris to defeat the evil forces of Bhayankar Pari and save Rani Mahal from destruction.
  • Contents: Game Board: 1, Paristhiti Cards: 30,  Prashna Cards: 30,  Baalveer Jadooi Dand Card: 1. Pari Cards: 43, Pari Shakti Reference cards: 6,  Dice: 1,  Cutout pawns: 6, Tokens (Hero points): 15,  Pawn bases: 9,  Instruction manual
  • Gameplay The game is divided into 4 phases and players earn Hero points on freeing Rani Pari, acquiring Maha Pari Shastra, Imprisoning Pari Bhayankar, and on reaching Rani mahal. During this course in each phase, they have to answer questions and perform actions, collect Pari cards and use the all-important Balveer Trump Card. The player with the maximum Hero points qualifies to win as Baalveer!