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Teaching children about values of reusing and recycling in their formative years is a useful way to turn them into grown -ups who will value nature around them. Almost everybody throws the empty egg cartons away. Once you've exposed to the wonderful things you could make, you'll never want to waste one again. Moreover reusing different items is making you a good conservationist! , The egg cartons that work the best in craft activities are those made from compressed molded paper as the material is most versatile and easy to work with for a variety of craft ideas. , When you use them for innovative creativity and fun ideas, then these egg cartons can produce some really cool and eco-friendly things that will make your children excited. You may want to use this activity as an opportunity to teach about insects and flowers and their interesting features. , This Go-green activity provided in the kit helps the child to make a FLORAL BASKET which looks really amazing and can also make a statement when you gift it