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Collect and group items in 18 themes and explore each theme for the odd one out.
  • This Toykraft educational game puzzle of 18 themes – comprising 6 objects /elements in the form of interconnecting triangular-shaped jigsaw puzzle pieces (a total of 108 pieces!). When all the 6 triangle shape pieces are joined correctly they form a family/group in the form of a hexagonal shape. There are 18 more rectangular-shaped jigsaw pieces that can be connected to the completed puzzle sets to figure the odd one out from the group.
  • Each of the 18 themes in this Toykraft puzzle game has unique coloured patterned background so the child is aided in the segregation. After this the 6 triangle-shaped puzzle pieces are connected to one another to form a hexagonal-shaped set. The child then studies each piece and figures out what is the common feature for each set. Having figured this out, it proceeds to the second part of the game-play.
  • There are 18 more rectangular-shaped jigsaw pieces that depict the devil’s horn. These are the pieces that have to be connected to one of the sides of all the hexagons. This piece has a jigsaw edge that matches only one of the sides of the hexagon. The matched piece corresponds to the odd element or object in the group and you have managed to single it out.
  • Now you can think of a logical reason why this is a little different from the rest of the group. For example in the group of 6 parts of the body which are shown, the singled-out piece from ear, eyes, nose, hand, hair and tongue is hair as the other five are responsible for the 5 senses. By using logical thought process the child has to figure out each of the singled out item from the other seventeen themes.
  • As all the pieces in this Toykraft offering are of the same size, an enterprising child can connect and build up a bigger group of like objects and elements by thinking out of the box. They can make a collection of 18 living creatures – water and jungle animals and insects in a geometrical form of their own – it could be a star, triangle, or another geometric figure