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  • MIND GAME – Colourful Closet is a learning game by Toykraft which stimulates logical thinking, spatial arrangements & visual comprehension. In this game, the child learns about colours, different kinds of objects and accessories, logic and arrangement.
  • WHAT THE GAME CONSISTS? - The game comprises of 36 pieces which have a common jigsaw edge. This offers multiple connective options. The game also includes a guide book for parents and teachers like many other Toykraft learning games.
  • HOW TO PLAY? – Game 1 - The child can first complete all the 6 piece closets according to the colour so that nothing sticks out. Each closet has 6 accessories in a common colour. This helps the child in visual arrangement.
  • HOW TO PLAY? – Game 2 - Apart from the colour closet the child can now make 6 closets which are compiled accessory-wise. So, each closet has 6 assorted coloured accessories. This is a new arrangement which the child has to arrive at with a lot of trial and error.
  • HOW TO PLAY? – Game 3 - A challenging extension is arranging each closet with all different accessories without repeating any colour and completing the closet without any jigsaw puzzle piece sticking out. This Toykraft learning game is a perfect mind puzzle for children who need to develop logical thinking and STEM skills.