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  • WHAT CAN YOU MAKE FROM THIS KIT? - Denim is an interesting fabric with a fascinating texture and soft feel. It is great to create useful items and gifts out of denim since the fabric is so unique. All you need is some fabric glue, fabric paint, artificial jewels, and lace. Using the components in this Toykraft Art and Craft you can make 3 useful denim-based items - pencil/stationery pouch, a mobile/ spectacle case and you won’t believe it – even a stylish sling bag.
  • WHAT DOES THIS DIY KIT CONTAIN? - All the materials required are provided in the Toykraft Art and Craft kit. These are denim fabric pieces, Non-stitch fabric glue, velcro, white 3D- Outliner, Sling cord, pattern design sheets, buttons and embellishments along with an instruction manual. The contents will enable one to make three denim utility items.
  • HOW DO YOU MAKE THIS DENIM HANDBAG? Trace out the pattern sheets on the denim fabric pieces and cut accordingly. This is followed by checking out the instructions on how to use fabric glue into sticking the cut denim pieces. The white highlighter tube can be used for making designs and these really stand out against the blue background. Embellishments including buttons are stuck on the bag followed by sticking the sling cord using fabric glue.
  • WHAT DO YOU LEARN? - This Toykraft art and craft activity kit teaches youngsters in making these very creative DIY denim dainties They can express both their artistic talent and craft skills in a very creative and expressive manner. Moreover, you get to make 3 smart and useful items. Denim DIY utilities are very popular with teenage girls. The items made gives you an opportunity to display your Art and Crafts in your personal way.
  • IDEAL HOBBY AND GIFT OPTION - The contents provided in the kit will enable one to make very cool denim utilities. This is a great hobby idea and is very popular with teenage girls and even young college-goers or working ladies. The completed bag or the kit itself can serve as a present or gift.