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  • ABOUT THIS DISNEY DIY KIT: This is an Artistic DIY activity that reveals 4 colourful posters based on the Finding Dory Disney classic when completed.
  • WHAT IS IN THIS KIT? Four templates are provided in this Toykraft Art and Hobby kit which only shows numbers. Using the number colour guide the child completes the pictures with 12 coloured markers.
  • HOW DO YOU MAKE THE POSTER? Each poster has picture connectivity with the next one. The 4 posters are joined together with double tape to reveal a portrait picture featuring an ocean scenario of Finding Dory with the characters featured in Finding Dory.
  • WHAT DO YOU LEARN FROM THIS TOYKRAFT KIT? Colour by Numbers from Toykraft is extending to the exciting characters from Finding Dory. The beloved and humorous ocean characters from the Disney classic come alive in this DIY colouring kit This simple craft activity is great in developing the child’s concentration and patience. This activity leaves out all the ‘messy’ creative activities for the child of this early age group to do.
  • COLOUR BY NUMBERS ACTIVITY - This will give the preschooler a sense of pride and achievement and boost the confidence in doing other activities on their own.