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  • ABOUT THIS KIT - In this Go-Green Art and Craft Offering, empty egg cartons are used to recreate the marine animals as seen in Finding Dory in a waterless aquarium of your home. The aquarium is a diorama made by assembling the fold-out card cut-out and cover provided in the kit.
  • WHAT IS INSIDE THIS KIT? Empty egg cartons, a fold-out diorama, OHP sheet, Craft glue, tempera paints, paintbrush, nylon thread are some of the materials provided in the Toykraft. Instructions are also included.
  • HOW DO YOU MAKE THIS GO-GREEN ART AND CRAFT CREATION? The fish which appear in the ‘Finding Dory’ serial are first made by cleverly cutting the egg cartons and putting the cuttings together using craft glue. They are then painted in the colours as revealed in ‘Finding Dory’ The flat card cut-out is folded out and joined on the sides to construct a rectangular 3D model and the OHP sheet is stuck at the top. The animals are then hung at different levels from this sheet using nylon thread.
  • What do you learn from this Toykraft Go-Green kit? Teaching children about values of reusing and recycling in their formative years is a useful way to turn them into grown-ups who will value nature around them. The children can improve their creative skills converting egg cartons into Dory, Nemo, Hank, Mr Ray, Destiny, Crush & Squirt. The child gets exposure to spatial arrangement and construction skills while making the waterless Aquarium.
  • FUN HOBBY ACTIVITY AND DIY DISPLAY - You can create the excitement of Finding Dory within your den with this superb enviro-friendly kit. You can present this kit as a gift for those who appreciate your creativity.