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This is a big surprise item- a box as a photo album box! When opened - the contents cascade out and will excite one and all with this unusual feature.

What really makes it so special is the shape hexagonal which goes with the snowflake theme. The box contains 3 flaps on each side corresponding to a total of 18 pockets for photo insertions. The added surprise is that you have made it on your own! This is a designed for young girls and intended to record all the details important to them during this stage of their life.

You can put together all the frozen paraphernalia - snowflakes, glitter, pictures of Elsa, Anna, and Olaf etc. on the box and put your pictures inside the pockets. This handmade scrapbooking idea with the glittery silhouettes is enthralling and eye catching. The colours and designs are entirely inspired by Disney's Frozen. The centre cavity can be used to house a surprise gift or - Olaf the adorable snowman, paper quilled snowflake designs, stand-ups of Elsa Anna cutouts.