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Jungle animals have always been a topic of great interest and intrigue among children. The popular Disney movie classic -jungle book based on the book by Rudyard kipling immediately comes to mind. The jungle animals are introduced to the children in an endearing text and the animated characters are very appealing to the children. This origami - jungle book kit along with proving an interesting craft experience also stimulates a special affection in children for animals. The children can showcase the completed origami animals in a vivid and realistic diorama which can be made with the components provided in the kit. The diorama of the jungle is constructed by folding the 4 - fold cardboard cut-out and inserting the flaps so it forms a rectangular box with an open top and front. King Louie the giant ape, colonel hathi the elephant, baloo the bear, bagheera the panther, shere khan the tiger, kaa the python, raksha the wolf and the monkeys of banderlok can be recreated using paper folded models. The animals are then painted make them even more realistic. Mowgli the man-cub is placed in the centre of the diorama. All-in-all this kit offers stem learning skills all well as artistic and constructive skills on the very popular jungle book theme.

  • Jungle book characters to make in 3d origami
  • Detail instruction to make
  • Tested for children safety