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In this kit 2 stuffed dolls are already provided making it easier for the child to dress up these dolls.\the best and easy way to dress her up is to use a mix of fabric such as denim, felt, wool and other fancy embellishments. \different combinations of the fabric are stuck on the doll to form attire such as blouses, tops, skirts, dresses and pants. \not top it up, the dolls hair can be stylized which is quite an exciting and a most rewarding experience. \your newly made rag doll needs to have a personality and what better way to achieve this than with the hairstyles! \nonce complete these dolls look really amazing and make heads turn catching the attention of many an admirer!\contents: stuffed dolls: 2 woollen yarn: 4 colours fabric glue: 1 ribbon: 3 pieces denim fabric: 1 piece felt: 2 pieces sequins: 1 packet buttons: 1 packet small wooden beads: 1 packet instruction manual\dimensions ( cm ) 23.3ã— 19.5ã— 5.0 .