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  • ABOUT THIS PUZZLE SET This puzzle set from Toykraft is a learning aid for children to familiarize themselves with as many as 20 Fruits. There are 120 jigsaw puzzle pieces that put together correctly form a 6 piece set providing illustrated information about each of these 20 fruits. Each solved set of 6 puzzle pieces depicts the fruit plant or tree - 4 pieces and the fruit- 1 piece along with the cut fruit - 1 piece.
  • EDUCATIONAL LEARNING DURING PUZZLE PLAY From the solved Toykraft Feast on Fruits puzzle sets, Children learn useful facts about the fruits which they are not so familiar with. The range here includes spinach, potato, beetroot, onion, radish to name a few.
  • EXTENDED PLAY The jigsaw pieces are of the same size and have common jigsaw edges so the puzzle set is put together by colour coded edges on the puzzle pieces. Also, the pieces have common jigsaw edges, so this offers additional probe and play functions. For example trees can be clubbed together, fruit pieces can be displayed like a chart, and cut fruits can be grouped as per any recipe. By doing so, the child gains valuation knowledge about the fruits in a playful manner.
  • EDUCATION THROUGH EXTENDED PLAY Other important information about these Fruits can be gained by visual examination of new puzzle piece collections. This includes checking out all the seedless and putting the pieces together. Checking out the multi-seeded and single-seeded fruits. Or, putting together fruits grown on trees. You can also make groups of citrus fruits, pulpy fruits, a customized fruit salad and a host of other play activities.