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This mini-flying machine from toykraft is an entry-level mechanical puzzle game for kids. The metal construction kit is comprised of 68 parts that can be connected with the help of tools and crafted into one of the four flying toys found in the manual. Four flying machines with the help of the metallic parts and the tools provided, you can create four different types of aircraft that would be remote flying toys. These include a conventional airplane, a helicopter, a bi-plane and a glider. However, only one can be made at a time using the parts included. Create from scratch the flying toys in this construction kit have to be made from scratch. All the parts have to be brought together and connected with screws and nuts with the help of the tools available with the kit. This allows you to be introduced to basic mechanical tools and principles. A great mounting base this mini-flying machines kit also comes with a display mount that allows you to show off your creations once you have completed them. Show the world what you are capable of by creating the different aircraft pieces or just flaunt your collection of race cars, f1 racers, sand buggies and sports cars that can be easily attached to the universal mounting base. Show your aero modelling talent as this kit allows you to create aircraft from scratch, it might even generate your interest in aero modelling and inspire you to choose aero modelling as your career. This kit also serves as an entry level construction kit for four-wheelers. Key features recommended for ages between 7 and 12 ideal for both boys and girls child-safe mechanical parts mounting base to show off the creation durable and safe plastic construction materials adheres to child-safety standards .

  • Entry level metal construction kit
  • Includes 68 parts with tools
  • Comes with display mounting base to display your creation
  • This series consists of kits for making 4 different aircraft which include the conventional airplane, glider, bi-plane and a helicopter
  • Safe and secure for kids