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Looking for an innovative game for your little one who has a creative urge inside her? Then the toykraft fooled and floored by florals is an excellent option. When you decorate your house with fresh flowers from your garden, they hardly last for a day or two. But this kit named fooled and floored by florals gives you the scope of creating a variety of flowers like daffodils, carnations, lilies and a lot more. You can make a bouquet of more than 24 vibrant coloured flowers with paper buds and stem to give them that natural look. Included in the pack is a glass vase filled with sand. This product is suitable for children of 7 years and above. Even adults can unfold their creative side by making these colourful flowers. If your child is asked to make something innovative with tissue papers, this product can prove to be very useful to help her submit something really unique. He/she only needs to follow the instructions given properly to get the desired outcome. This original creation by toykraft can also act as an ideal gift option for people you know has a creative knack. The box contains 48 tissue papers of different colours, 24 paper stems, a packet of pollen, a glass vase with sand and an instruction booklet. So, get this fooled and floored by florals for your preschooler today and see how she is appreciated by her teacher for submitting something so exclusive.

  • 48 sheet of tissue paper in different colours, 24 paper stems, 24 flower buds, 1 vase, 1 instruction book and 1 packet pollen
  • Make lovely decoration for every home
  • Kids love making their own flowers with bright colours
  • Easy to do kit with complete instruction