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Let your child express themselves if your little one has started to draw on the walls, give them a better way of expressing themselves with the toykraft getting started with finger painting kit. Painting with their fingers helps strengthen their hand muscles and also helps them develop their fine motor skills. This finger painting kit includes five paint colours (yellow, blue, green, red and white), which come in handy little pots that they can reach into with their little hands. You don't have to worry about how safe these paints are for them to come in contact with because they just happen to be non-toxic. Get creative with paint the getting started with finger painting kit by toykraft also contains 12 pre-printed templates, 16 blank sheets of art paper, one palette and a finger painting book. The templates force them to contain their enthusiasm and paint within the lines, which teaches them control, while the blank sheets allow them to go crazy experimenting with colour and pattern combinations. Using their fingers also makes it easier for toddlers, who won't be able to hold a brush straight yet. These kinds of finger painting kits for toddlers improve hand-eye coordination and sensory integration, while stimulating their imagination. Brand: toykraft product type: finger painting kit includes: 5 tubs of paint, 12 pre-printed templates, 16 blank sheets of art paper, 1 palette and a finger painting booknon-toxic paint recommended age: 18 months and up.

Contents : 

  • 5 non-toxic paints in pots-yellow, blue, green, red and white
  • 12 sheets of preprinted art paper templates
  • 16 sheets of art paper
  • Finger painting book
  • 1 colour palette; finger painting is great fun for little artist this kits comes with 12 preprinted templates and 16 paper sheets; art activities encourage a child's imagination and learning development