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  • Beginner Glass Painting - If you have an inclination for painting and are interested in creating your own home decor, then this Toykraft Glass Painting Kit is almost a must in your home. It comes with simple instructions in the form of a book to paint in Madhubani style.
  • Madhubani Style of Painting - The Madhubani or Mithila style of painting goes back to the ancient days of India where the people of Mithila region and Terai practiced this beautiful art form. Traditionally, this form of painting was done by women. In recent years, it has caught the imagination of the world as a whole. This toycraft art and craft kit is put together on Madhubani using glass paints specially for children.
  • What is in this kit? Madhubani design includes all the materials required to make a 6 color table coaster. These are six smooth edged glass pieces, three tubes of paint, six square wooden boards, a paintbrush and glass 3D-outliner paint, adhesive glue and a book on Madhubani arts and crafts.
  • Amazing for HOBBYISTS - If you have a knack for painting, this glass painting kit can be extremely handy. What the Madhubani style of painting does is that it gives a beautiful rustic touch to the otherwise modern architecture of your home. This is a terrible project to take as a hobby and to indulge in painting in your spare time. This can not only keep you busy but also showcase your talent.
  • Gift and Display Value - This art and craft DIY kit from Toykraft can serve as an invaluable gift. Madhubani painted table coasters can be displayed and used. Madhubani style compositions provide insight into one of India's ancient art forms and techniques of glass painting.