Green Day – Less Plastic More Life


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AGE :- 3-99

PLAYERS :- 2 - 4

TIME : 15 Mins


 Description :-

Through our games, we intend to create a generation that makes this world a better place to live in. Green day aims at developing environmentally conscious children. Through a fun role playing game, it teaches them how to plan and strategize their daily activities by using alternatives to “single use plastic”.

Game story :-

Green day is a slice of life game in which all the players are competing to be the best green champ. The players are planning a fun day out and before leaving their homes, they must fill their backpacks with objects that will help them replace “single use plastic”. During the game play the players will earn points for each green choice they make.

Contents :

  • Main board
  • Player boards - 4
  • player markers - 4
  • Tokens : Bottle tokens - 12

               Bag tokens - 12

               Straw tokens - 12

               Spoon tokens -12

               Snack tokens - 12

               Earth heart tokens - 24

  • Dice
  • Rulebook
  • Bonus :- Reward chart

              Star sticker


  • Place the main board at the centre of the table
  • Place all the object tokens (green side up) on the space provided in the house (on the board)
  • All players will select a color of their choice and take a player board and player marker accordingly


At the start, all players are at home and will select any three object tokens from the board and keep it in their respective player board’s backpack. 

In a turn:-

  • You can roll the dice and land on a space accordingly or
  • Refill your backpack

  • Player who rolls the highest goes first. The first player rolls the dice and keeps his player marker wherever he/she lands.

    Landing spaces :-

    • When a player lands on any station, there can be two outcomes:-

    • If the player has the required token: of that space in his/her backpack, then the player will earn a “heart point”.The player gives the required object token and keeps it back on the main board .
    • If the player doesn’t have the required token:the player will get plastic trash the player will have to take the particular token required from the home space - flip it (which will represent the plastic alternative of that object) and put it in his/her player board (trash space)
    • If a player lands on any 2 special spaces on board:-
  • Cleaning streets:-
  • This space represents that the player is helping to keep the nearby streets clean by picking up trash and putting in a dustbin

    To reward such a helpful act towards the environment whenever a player lands on this space he/she will directly earn a earth heart point

  • Upcycle :-
  •             This space represents that the player is using his/her plastic trash and converting it to an useful object by upcycling it.Therefore the player can empty the trash collected in his/her player boards’ trash bin if any

    • Then every other player will play their turn clockwise.

    Refill Object tokens :-

    • Whenever during the game any player wants to refill his/her backpack, then he/she should skip their turn and refill/replace the object tokens in their backpack.


    • On the go, whenever a player passes the start point then he/she can refill/exchange any 3 object tokens from the home space after playing and completing their turn. 

    Note: You cannot use the collected tokens in the same turn

    *Throughout the game every player can only have maximum of three object tokens in their respective backpack

    Trash :-

    • During the game whenever a player collects 2 trash tokens in their player board trash bin, the player will lose 1 earth heart point token. The player will have to discard a earth heart point  and empty the trash. 

    Note: if the player doesn’t have any earth heart point at this point then, whenever he/she earns one in future, the player will have to lose that earth heart point token and empty the complete trash collected till then. 

    During the game whenever a player earns 6 earth heart points the game ends

    How to win:-

     The first  player to earn 6 earth heart point tokens wins the game


    The powers unleashed are:

    1. Responsible living:-

    Throughout the game children make green choices at every step by using alternatives to “single use plastic”

    1. Environmental awareness

    Children become aware of the threats caused to the environment through “single use plastic”.They learn about ways to avoid these and save the earth.

    1. Strategic thinking

    Through this fun filled role playing game, children learn the importance of planning in advance by choosing object tokens smartly to earn “earth heart points”

    1. Love and care

    Children understand the importance of mother earth and learn to treat her with love and care through small acts, which are rewarded in the reward chart.