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Points of View' offers an educational multi-level play platform for the child to understand how familiar objects and animals appear from different points of view – front, back, side and top.

The 64 puzzle pieces are uniform in size with common jigs and the 4 piece jigsaw puzzle sets can be solved with the coloured leads. The set consists of 4 animals, 4 birds, 4 objects and 4 modes of transport.

As extended play and learning, the child can also put together the objects or animals with a common point of view (front, side, back and top) because of the common jigs.

With the four different perspectives the concept of depth can be understood better by the child.

  • This 5 piece Jigsaw puzzle set of 24 Familiar Daily Scenario Serves as a one of its kind educational Aid.
  • Helps Child to leran the concept and How to read Time.
  • Sequencing the puzzle pieces and pictures rel;ives a day in the childs life, day and night scenarios, and the motion of Analog and Digital clock.
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Motor Skill Development
  • Hand Eye Co-Ordination
  • Enhance Learning