Hungry Four, Preschool Movement Memory Cooperative Game


Chalk and Chuckles

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The 4 animals are h-angry! Find their correct food in this creative physical memory and movement game. Colour coded for younger children. No reading required.
Easy gameplay-Roll the dice! Number (2) and Animal (Monkey)- Look for the banana? You get two chances to flip the cards. Do funny actions and make sounds if you get distractions cards!

For 1 or more players, Ages 3 to 7

Skills -Develops Visual spatial memory, knowledge of animal food, sounds and movements.
-Learn to give and follow instructions, taking turns and playing cooperatively.
-Builds gross motor and language skills.

Contains 4 Cardboard animals, 20 food cards, 10 Act & sound cards, 20 feeder tokens, 2 wooden dice, 2 eye masks, play guide/instructions.