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This thoroughly enjoyable game offers a multi-dimensional learning experience to children. It provides learning about colours, shapes, logical thinking and selection, and finally a surprise element to decide the winner. The game is played between 2 to 4 players who enjoy amusement rides on game boards of a roller coaster, ferris wheel, carousel and a rocking ship. Each game board has empty slots for four colour and four shape tokens to be filled in by the players during game play. On the flip side of the tokens are family members father, mother, son and daughter. Based on the turns of the spinner, players will fill these slots by placing tokens showing shape or colour, face side up. Rewards are earned on completing colours and shapes. At the end the tokens are flipped over and the players try to form sets of four complete families, sets of all fathers, or all daughters. More rewards are earned for these sets and the player with the maximum reward points wins.

  • Package Content: 1 Toy Kraft Joy Ride, Multi Color.