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You'll never guess what your friends remember and what words they will put in your mouth when given the opportunity. Read the real-life, silly or down-right bizarre scenarios and then wait for your friends to reveal what they think you would love and hate.

  • OBJECTIVE - Be the first player to get three Love It! Chips and three Hate It! Chips by guessing what other players love and hate about the given scenarios.
  • SET-UP - Ages 10-20 can play using the red side of the cards, while Ages 21 to Adults can play using the yellow side of the cards.In a mixed group of the above ages, the subject of the scenario decides the colour of the cards to be selected.
  • CONCLUSION - Love It Hate it is a fun family game and best enjoyed in parties and get-togethers. The situation cards are humorous or even embarrassing at times as you discover the inner secrets of your family and friends.
  • CONTENTS: 294 Scenarios on 147,  Cards 3 Two-sided Blank Cards , 18 Love It! Chips , 18 Hate It! Chips , 6 Wipe and clean boards , 6 Pens