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Art and craft have infinite number of benefits and play a crucial role in bringing out the creative streak in the child. When a child indulges in craft they discover their innate talents and slowly it becomes an amazing way of expressing themselves. With craft like cutting, pasting and coloring enhances the bilateral co-ordination as your child requires using both their hands in the process. This process helps in the kid's future endeavours as well. Kids who are indulged in craft also have fine and well developed motor-co-ordination along with self regulation. Art and craft is also a self-esteem booster and ultimately as it requires the involvement and supervision of adults and therefore it helps in the development of social skills along and strengthens the bond as well so, if you want to provide your child with a creative art and craft sets that would help them to express themselves then the toykraft make a candle stand, is the right craft kit for your child. This toykraft make a candle stand is a perfect craft kit for your kid and contains moulds for four decorative elements, a mould for candle stand, 6 tempera colours in canister, one jar of plaster of paris powder, one jar of adhesive, one paint brush, one pack of glitter and one instruction manual. With this candle making kit, your child will easily be able to make gorgeous candles from these provided materials. You can purchase this candle making set for kids online and provide them an opportunity to explore their talents as well as express themselves.

  • Mould for candle stand
  • Mould for four decorative elements
  • 6 tempera colours in canisters
  • 1 jar of adhesive
  • 1 packet of plaster of paris powder; 1 paint brush; 1 packet of glitter; instruction manual; a pretty candle stand can be made from the plaster of paris mould provided in the kit