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Papier mache is really easy to do, and there are very few requirements. It is a time-honored process where a number of layers of torn paper strips are stuck to a basic mould. Once dry, the papier mache is removed from the mould to produce a replica item which is both strong and light. The piece can then be built up and decorated. The contents, papier mache book and instructions provided in this kit will enable the hobbyist to make a rich array of amazing items. These include a piggy bank, tray, open box, leaf shaped artifact, mobile holder, bowl and stationery holder. A preventive coat of varnish can be applied to the objects for strength and life.

  • Newspaper sheets, 1 packet of plaster of paris gauze, 2 tubs pva glue, canister of 6 colours tempera paints, 1 bottle white acrylic paint 4 binding board cut-outs, 1 container petroleum jelly
  • 1 brush, 2 balloons, 1 plastic stopper, 1 bowl mould
  • 2 balloons, 1 plastic stopper, 1 bowl mould, 1 packet tissue paper, 1 masking tape, 1 blunt knife, 1 piece sandpaper strip, 1 papier mache book and instruction manual
  • Paper mache is interesting and fun way to create strong and light objects using different moulds provided